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Supplements For Vision Support

Nutrition for the Eyes

 by John W Jones, MD, MPH
June 2015

Nutritional Supplements 

Ultra Omega-Linic
Ultra Vites
Ultra Vision

AREDs Age-Related Eye Diseases

The most important and simplest way to support the eyes as one goes through life is to use devices such as eye guards and sunglasses.

The high use of electronic hand held devices and computers has created a need to shield our eyes from their Blue light. People with a higher risk of macular degeneration should ask about glasses which shield the eyes from Blue light.

Regular eye check ups are recommended.

The eyes are specialized organs that exist in the body.  They require the same broad-spectrum nutrients that the body needs.   When you support the marvelous biochemical factory called your body with daily coverage of ALL of its nutritional needs you are also providing nutrients for your eye.  

Those with vision problems, or who have a family history of these kinds of problems, may benefit from the Nutrients discussed in this paper and the one discussing Age-Related Eye Diseases.

The eye is one of the most demanding organs in the body.  The most important and simplest way to support the eyes as one goes through life is to use devices such as eye guards and sunglasses, get regular eye check ups and include Ultra Omega-Linic, Ultra Vites, Ultra-Vision and Vitamin E on a daily basis.

What Nutrients are Essential for your Vision?

First of all, Essential Fatty Acids are not a normal part of our Western diet!  Fish oil provides EPA and DHA.  Studies have shown that the addition of GLA enhances the effectiveness of fish oil. Ultra Omega-Linic provides preformed, long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA -> EPA, DHA and GLA). The long chain fatty acids must be in the diet because they cannot be made from anything else we eat - no food, no oil. It is important to supplement with preformed PUFAs because the parent oils (like flax seed oil) are poorly converted (less than 2%) to these longer essential chains. Ultra Omega-Linic provides preformed, long chain poly unsaturated fatty acids (LC-PUFA) -  EPA, DHA and SDA, plus GLA.

It is important to supplement with preformed PUFAs because the parent oils (like flax seed oil) are poorly converted (less than 2%) to these longer essential chains.

Since 1985 I have used several combinations of EPA, DHA and GLA to successfully treat patients presenting with a variety of health issues.  Ultra Omega-Linic is very special.  This, my latest formula, uses Wild Alaskan Salmon (and other fish) from the clean waters and protected fisheries of Alaska.

What is the importance of the Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) in Ultra Omega-Linic?
  • These EFAs have been shown to be useful in decreasing the intra ocular pressure in narrow- angle glaucoma.
  • ;LC-PUFAs are critical for the structure and function of the neural pathways that are so important to vision.
  • ;LC-PUFAs improve vascular circulation in the eye by decreasing atherosclerotic changes.  This improved circulation helps supply the nutrients that are so critical to proper function of the eyes.
  • Ultra Omega-Linic offers healthy support for all the systems in the body
  • Ultra Omega-Linic promotes healthy aging.

It is difficult to get nutrients into the eye.

The vitamins and mineral in Ultra Vites are in the most bioavailable forms to be readily available to nourish the eye.

Ultra Vites provides many of the nutrients that have been shown by studies to improve vision.  And the body needs all of the ingredients in Ultra Vites in order to maintain health. It contains 25 key nutrients, such as an optimal blend of all the B Vitamins.  It also contains macro and micro minerals in a bioavailable form.  It contains the anti oxidants Vitamin C and Vitamin E which studies have shown protect the eye. 

A PubMed search for methylFolate and macular returns an impressive list of studies.  An interesting thing about this list is the number of studies relating homocysteine levels with macular degeneration.  We have long known that folic acid and Vitamin B12 deficiency are linked to high homocysteine.  These studies seem to show that the bioavailablity of methylated B Vitamins has a positive effect on macular health.

Read more at our BLOG

In addition, the following nutrients in Ultra Vites have been shown to be important for various eye health concerns:
  • Vitamin A benefits (not  beta carotene because it interferes with the xanthophylls): Prevent night blindness.  Prevent dry eye.  Prevent moderate to severe loss of color vision.
  • Vitamin D: studies have shown that the high intake of vitamin D lessened the chances of developing or slowed the progression of macular degeneration.  Another study showed an improvement in myopia when Vitamin D was  used with high doses of calcium
  • Folic acid and B12: these two vitamins play an active role in transmethylation, which is critical to proper macular function.  Ps - consider the addition of MSM, which is a methyl donor that further enhances their action. (Consider MSM-750 at 2 to 4 per day)
  • Many people have a genetic inability to convert Folate and / or B12 into their active forms. Using Ultra Vites ensures their availability.
  • Magnesium: 78% of all retinal cellular action requires magnesium.  
  • Selenium has a long history of being a potent anti oxidant, and has been shown to be helpful in preventing macular degeneration
  • Zinc has been proven to decrease the incidence and progression of macular degeneration. What is Ultra-Vision?

Beyond the Basics

The macular pigment consists mostly of lutein and zeaxanthin. The Zeaxanthin in Ultra Vision is the 3R 3'R Chiral isomer that occurs naturally and has been proven to be the most bioavailable.  Non-dietary, synthesized forms are not found in the food supply and have a lower bioavailability.  These variant forms are not the same physically or functionally.  They act differently in the eye, and are commonly mislabeled (from the FDA’s point of view), as zeaxanthin. These xanthophylls cannot be synthesized in mammals, so they must be ingested.

These four products address the core issues involved in age-related eye disease, and age-related macular degeneration (AMD) in particular.


An additional product for your consideration is Spirulina.  This amazing Super Food from Earthrise® has had 30 plus years of medical studies.  It has PhytoNutrients, such as Chlorophyll, mixed Carotenoids, Polysaccharides, and Sulfolipids.  It has Amino Acids, Gamma Linolenic Acid and SOD.  It offers Zeaxanthin and protection from exposure to radiation.  It, like MSM, is a methyl donor.  You can benefit from its Anti Inflammation and Cholesterol-lowering properties.  I encourage anyone to use it who has experienced more-than-normal exposure to medical x-Rays or who travels and is exposed to airport body scanners.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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