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Schizophrenia, Bipolar, and Severe Depression

While there are many neuropsychiatric problems, this paper discusses Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Severe Depression because these three have a common cause.  For other problems, such as anxiety and simple depression, see my paper “Depression, Anxiety and Sleep.”  Another paper, “Neurological” covers problems from A to Z in a general way.
Data suggest that in Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder and severe depression there is an accelerated rate of loss of long chain EFAs  (AA, DHA, EPA and DGLA) from the Sn2 position of membrane phospholipids.  The  basis for this loss is the over activity of one or more of the Phospholipase A2 group of phospholipid enzymes.  This is caused by a gene common to all of the above conditions. 

There are many good studies showing improvement and sometimes complete clearing of symptoms in Schizophrenia with high EPA supplementation.  This is also true of Bipolar Disorder and Severe Depression.  EPA suppresses phospholipase A2 activity, thereby stopping the loss of all of the EFAs from the cell membrane.  When this loss of EFAs is stopped brain function improves and can return to normal.

Essential Nutrients


1. Ultra Omega-Linic

Ultra Omega-Linic is superior to fish and krill oil for the purpose of preventing the loss of membrane phospholipids.  It has a high level of EPA, some of which is coming from SDA, which is a component of Black Currant seed oil.  This makes it very effective for people diagnosed with Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, severe depression, or who have a family history of these conditions. 

There are no known interactions with the drugs used to treat these conditions.

Ultra Omega-Linic can also be used for Postpartum Depression. It should be used during and after pregnancy.

2. Ultra Vites

These neuropsychiatric conditions also respond well to high levels of Folic Acid and B12, nutrients that are included at high levels in Ultra Vites. In addition to high levels of all the B Vitamins, Ultra Vites is now made with their bio available forms. Recent studies have shown that l-Methylfolate, for instance, helps in the management of Depression. It seems that a group of people have trouble converting the B Vitamins into their active forms.  The result is that, despite high levels of intake, some people have (in effect) a deficiency of one or more B Vitamins.  The active forms of folic acid, B6 and B12 appear to be particularly useful in bipolar,  severe depression and schizophrenia.

Another formula change: a high level of Biotin. This B Vitamin is very important to cognitive function. Biotin, together with l-Methylfolate, l-Methylcobalamin, Riboflavin 5'-Phosphate and Pyridoxal 5'-Phospate, makes our Ultra Vites another KEY part of treating neurological conditions.  A little-known fact is that the B Vitamins work best when all of them are present - and in an instantly available form.   


Studies have shown that people with neuropsychiatric conditions have a positive response to the four anti oxidants that are critical to phospholipid metabolism. These antioxidants are: Vitamins C and E, Coenzyme Q10, and Alpha Lipoic Acid.  


EFAs that are in Ultra Omega-Linic should be supplemented during pregnancy. This will keep the mother from losing them to her baby. It is even more important to mother and baby if there is a family history of Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder or Severe Depression.  This is because the fetus will take EFAs from the mother for its own brain and retinal development. 

If the baby is breast fed and the mother is supplemented with Ultra Omega-Linic, it will receive the necessary LCPUFA’s for brain and retinal development.

If it is thought that EFA supplementation is needed for the infant,  one can puncture a capsule of Ultra Omega-Linic and squeeze the contents into the infants mouth.

Do not use the parent oil of the omega-3 series (Flaxseed Oil is the most common) to accomplish the goals listed above. Only 2% is converted to EPA (at best), and studies have shown that EPA levels cannot be raised with this kind of supplementation. To raise DHA levels, (the EFA needed to make structure in the infant brain) it must be supplemented as DHA.

It is obvious that there are times when one must supplement with the proper long chain fatty acid in order to obtain the desired result.  With so many exciting discoveries daily, it is more important than ever that Ultra Omega-Linic be a part of your daily nutritional intake.
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