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Quality Control - From the Seed to the Plant to You

From the seed to the plant to You

Our commitment to quality ensures essential oils you can purchase with confidence 

The production of pure and genuine essential oils for authentic aromatherapy requires quality control from the plant in the field to the bottle on your shelf.  It is important to  ensure proper species, controlled growing conditions, harvesting at the proper time, distillation, and testing of the final product. 
 Windrose Aromatics uniquely benefits from the special skills of our botanical analyst who regularly monitors and supervises the crop production, development, distillation, and testing of our essential oils in each country of origin. 
 All of our essential oils are guaranteed pesticide-free. We offer organic essential oils whenever available.
 Our oils are analyzed by Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrum (GC-MS) methods at an independent European laboratory and the results interpreted by our quality control expert. 


 Prior to the invention of distillation, aromatics (essential oils) were obtained by pressing or by soaking  plant matter in a liquid  such  as fat, alcohol, water or vinegar.   

You may ask...

But - How are they made?

Three distillation methods - simplified ...

  • Water distillation involves placing the plant material in water and boiling it.  The resulting oil rises with the steam to the condenser where it is separated and collected.
  • Water and steam distillation is similar, but a grid prevents the plant matter from coming into contact with the water.  As a result, overheating of the plant matter is reduced and the yield is increased.
  • Direct steam distillation is the method most distillers use today.  Live steam is injected into the plant matter within the still proper.
Some flowers and plants are extracted with volatile solvents.  Oils thus produced are called absolutes.  A good absolute will have zero parts per million of solvent residue.
CitrusCitrus oils can be obtained by cold pressing or by distillation. Cold pressed citrus oils naturally contain waxes and a small amount of fatty vegetable oil. 
  • Aromatic Essential Oils are PERISHABLE
  • Please protect them from heat and light!
  • Use within 1 year for best results

We provide 100% Pure and Genuine, Single Species Essential Oils

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