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Basic Nutrients

Cover the Nutritional Basics Daily!

Ultra Omega-Linic
Ultra Vites

Topics unique to women (age is not an issue)

My philosophy about Supplements:

  I recommend the supplementation of all the necessary nutrients; in amounts in excess of the recommended minimums; in amounts necessary to cover biochemical individuality; in a chemical form that is easy for the body to use

Minimum Daily Recommendations for All Woman
  1. A Superior, well researched multi vitamin         Ultra Vites         2 per day    
  2. Complete Essential Fatty Acid formula        Ultra Omega-Linic    4 per day    

Do you know why you should use Ultra-Vites?

  • It is formulated to far exceed the minimum daily recommendations in order to achieve the optimal levels needed by that marvelous chemical factory that we call the Human Body.
  • The nutrients are presented in the best form that the body can use.
  • It is specially formulated without iron so as to avoid the harmful effects of too much iron (unless iron is needed).
The effect of this highly researched formula is to mitigate or prevent the common problems that women face.

Important Notes about Ultra-Vites:
  • Vitamin A at this level is safe for women who are or might become pregnant.
  • 1000 IU Vitamin D because of extremely common low vitamin D in our population.  Vitamin D also helps keep bones strong, preventing or delaying osteoporosis
  • 800 mcg of folic acid is protective of mother and baby in case of pregnancy
  • 1000 mcg Vitamin B12 is used because the 800 mcg of folic acid can mask B12 deficiency.
  • Folic acid and Vitamin B12 are protective against Alzheimer’s and Senile Dementia
  • 2.5 mg of Lycopene.  This is the substance from which all natural carotenoids are derived
  • 5 mg of Boron, along with other necessary minerals,  is included because of its function in keeping your bones strong

The Importance of Essential Fatty Acids

Our Western (typical) diet is rich in foods that are very high in an inflammatory chemical, Arachidonic Acid.  This has the effect of suppressing other omega 6 essential fatty acids.  We happily take fish oil supplements, but miss out on essential oils that provide GLA.

Essential fatty acids have a wide variety of actions, and are indicated and included in all of my Protocols - especially the health concerns for women that are discussed here: 
    See also my articles "Complications of Hormone Replacement Therapy" 
    and “Complications of Osteoporosis Drug Therapy”

Are Hormones Important?

Hormones are involved in all phases of a woman's life - from birth through adolescence, to normal healthy aging.  This includes general health, beauty, and reproductive health.  The  excesses and imbalances of hormones are involved in most major problems that effect women.

The technical stuff:

Hormones are made from dietary lipids such as linoleic acid, Arachidonic acid and phospholipids.  Steroid (sex) hormones come from cholesterol and the eicosanoids; they are testosterone, androgens, progesterone and estrogen  The adrenal cortex and the gonads are primary sources of steroid hormones. 

Examples of eicosanoids are the widely studied Prostaglandins.  The eicosanoids are derived from essential fatty acids (EFAs), which must be consumed in the diet.  They cannot be made in the body from any other food.  

The body’s ability to make vital hormones naturally decreases with age.  By ensuring that all the essential nutrients are present, and by supporting all the organs and systems with proper nutrition, it is possible to keep things going at peak levels.

This is why my basic recommendations (Ultra Vites and Ultra Omega-Linic) are so important. 

At the top of the list are the essential fatty acids (essential because the body cannot make them).  Ultra Omega-Linic (preFormed long chain PolyUnsaturated Fatty Acids - EFAs) provides the preformed prostaglandin precursors of Gamma Linoleic Acid (GLA), Stearidonic Acid (SDA), Eicosapentaenoic Acid (EPAl) and Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA).   As stated above, these fatty acids provide the raw materials for hormones.

Ultra Vites provides the vitamins and minerals that the body must have to convert these precursors to their active hormones.  In addition, these precursors play a vital role in controlling the inflammatory process, which also is involved in many health problems that women have.

Other Important Prostaglandin Effects

Prostaglandins are required for pregnancy and onset of labor.  They make up a large proportion of the fetal brain and a large portion of the functional components of the developing eye of the baby.   

As you age, Prostaglandins play an important role in the prevention of atherosclerosis.  This action makes them extremely important in the prevention of heart disease.   Many studies indicate that Prostaglandins are important in the inhibition of many types of cancer.  

The brain, which is largely made up of these EFAs, relies on these eicosanoids for all of its essential functions.   Studies are leading some of us to believe that one essential fatty acid, EPA, delays the onset and/or improves senile dementia and Alzheimer's disease.  EFAs improve all types of Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  Hundreds of studies show their effectiveness in the treatment of arthritis and other musculoskeletal disease.

When either the essential fatty acids or the necessary co-factors to make the conversions to hormones and Prostaglandins are missing there will be serious health issues.

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