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Have an easier pregnancy, and a smarter, healthier baby

So you want to have a baby?

April 2017
by John W Jones, MD



The word Prostaglandin was coined over 100 years ago when scientists began to study the prostate gland. While the essential fatty acids in Ultra Omega Linic are necessary for the mother-to-be, they are also important for the father-to-be. In addition, all the vitamins and minerals in Ultra Vites must be present so that mom and dad are as well nourished as possible. See my protocol for meeting the daily nutritional minimums with the typical Western Diet.


Ultra Omega-Linic
Ultra Vites
Essential PreNatal Complex
Ultra Cal-Mag Chelate
Calcium D Chelate
Ultra Magnesium Chelate
Ultra Monolaurin


During pregnancy the needs of the mother increase significantly because she is providing nourishment for two. In particular, the baby needs essential fatty acids for brain and retina development. These will be delivered to the baby at the expense of the mother's reserves. If the mother supplements with Ultra Omega-Linic, not only will there be an adequate supply for the baby, but she can minimize the likelihood of post partum depression. Give your baby a healthy start. DHA, naturally a part of Ultra Omega-Linic, is important for the development of brain and other neurological structure, and cannot be synthesized from other omega 3 sources such as flax seed oil. It must be supplemented, as DHA, from fish or algal oil. 

For more on the Subject of the importance of Essential Fatty Acids in Pregnancy, click HERE

Studies have shown that supplementing with active B Vitamins, as are in Ultra Vites, improves the nutritional status of pregnant women. When pregnancy is planned (or possible) it is important to meet all the nutritional requirements in advance of pregnancy. 

The question has been asked: Are all prenatal vitamins the same? Most pre natal supplements contain at least the minimum daily requirements of the ‘essential’ nutrients. What you will find is that products vary in the amount of specific nutrients and their forms. It is well documented that a deficiency of folic acid presents the risk of neural tube defects. L-MethylFolate is a form that is readily available. This may be a better alternative than folic acid because it ensures delivery of this nutrient for the estimated 40% to 60% of the population which has a genetic inability to make the conversion in the body.  

Another reason to consider Ultra Vites is that a single B-Vitamin needs the other B-Vitamins to do its work. Read more at our BLOG

  • Essential Prenatal Complex provides 18 mg Iron when Iron is necessary - along with folic acid and Rubus Idaeus (Red Raspberry) leaf.
  • Mothers can safely use Ginger for nausea.
  • Consider Ultra-Monolaurin at 1 scoop per day to prevent upper respiratory infections, including influenza. While there have been no studies on the use of monolaurin in pregnant and nursing mothers, it has been used by them for years. It is also a component of human mother’s milk. Taking it while nursing increases the level of lauric acid in the breast milk, thus offering a greater level of protection to the infant.

Other Safe Supplements

Ultra Magnesium Chelate
Ultra 5x3 Probiotic

  • Vitamin C-500, a true Time-Disintegrating product.  For High Histamine (allergy season), Colds and Flu, and Immune Support
  • Ultra Magnesium Chelate.  For Muscle Cramps and Spasms.
  • Ultra 4x6 Probiotic For Yeast Infections and GI Complaints.
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