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July 2016

General Cautions

- Always keep essential oils away from the eyes.
- If you are pregnant, consult a qualified health practitioner before using any essential oil preparation.
- Essential oils are for external use only (or as directed by a qualified health professional).
- Essential oils can dissolve plastics and wood finish.  
- Except when otherwise stated, recipes are intended for adults or children over 16 years of age.  Consult a qualified practitioner to adjust percentage ratios and applications suitable for younger children, infants, or pets.

Possible adverse reactions to essential oils

It is possible to have an adverse reaction to an essential oil just as it is to any other natural substance. Reactions, however, are rare and it is worth noting that people allergic to numerous commercial fragrances and skin and body care products generally have no such difficulties with pure, genuine essential oils.

Toxicity:  Usually by ingestion and dependent on dosage (oral use is not recommended without the guidance or supervision of a qualified health professional).

Sensitization:  Allergic reactions from internal or external use.

Irritation:  The least harmful response to essential oils usually resulting from topical application.

Dermal Irritant:  Products which are known skin irritants are so noted.  Caution: Anyone can have a problem with any Essential Oil, especially in cases of over-use or inappropriate use of the product.
Those using essential oils are assumed to have full knowledge of their use, properties, safety precautions, dosage or to be under the care of a qualified healthcare professional.                

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.  Information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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