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Diabetes - The Big Vitamin D Mistake
John W Jones, MD, MPH
Reviewed June 2015

New Information: The Big Vitamin D Mistake

A link between the incidence of Type 1 Diabetes, Immunomodulation, and optimal Vitamin D3 daily recommendations
 A note about Dr Jones' philosophy:  
      Do you wonder if a nutritional approach will work for you?  
      Drug options (with their side-effects) may not be necessary.


Basic Support

Other Support 

Other Considerations
This protocol address insulin resistance and Type II diabetes. The listed supplements may also be used in Type 1 Diabetes. Read to the end for a brief discussion of “Type III” Diabetes
  1. The diet which is most effective is the low carbohydrate or Atkins diet
  2. ;Use a multi without iron, unless there is a specific need for iron
  3. Meet or exceed (preferred) the basic nutritional requirements
  4. Include essential fatty acids

The First Step to meeting the special Nutritional needs of the Diabetic patient

The first step in the nutritional support of a person with blood sugar problems is to exceed all of the basic nutritional requirements for a person of his or her age.  Certain nutritional supplements are then added or increased  in order to correct the problems and complications associated with abnormal glucose metabolism.

Persons I have treated who have abnormal glucose metabolism have good results when they switch to a low carbohydrate diet and use the nutritional supplements I recommend.  Many Type 2 insulin dependent diabetics have found that insulin is no longer required, or that the dose could be reduced.  All of the complications of diabetes can be prevented or greatly reduced if these recommendations are followed.

The diet which is most effective in controlling obesity, insulin resistance, and abnormal glucose metabolism is the Low Carbohydrate lifestyle modification diet. This diet is so effective that one should consider reducing the dose of insulin by one half when it is started, and closely monitoring the blood sugar levels.

Be aware - many of the ‘so called’ low carbohydrate diets for diabetics do not adequately limit daily intake of carbohydrates.  The daily intake should be 40 or 50 grams of net carbs after the desired weight is obtained.  

While I recommend a basic protocol for everyone, a complete multi like Ultra Vites or Ultra Preventive, plus the essential fatty acids in Ultra Omega-Linic are especially important with the impaired metabolism of those who are insulin resistant or diabetic.


I formulated Ultra DM Complex to help persons with type II diabetes and insulin resistance   Each two capsules contain 300 mg Alpha Lipoic acid, 500 mg Cinnamon and 100 mcg GTF Chromium.  The recommended dose is two capsules twice daily.  Each of these ingredients has been shown to help normalize blood sugar levels.  The reformulated Ultra DM Complex II now contains Berberine.

Alpha Lipoic Acid has been found to be very useful in controlling blood sugar and weight in insulin resistant or type II diabetics.  The recommended dosage of 300 mg twice daily is a rate-limiting process, and increasing the dosage does not increase the effect.  If glucose lowering drugs are being taken, their dose may have to be adjusted because of the blood sugar controlling action of Alpha Lipoic Acid.

Cinnamon can be used to moderate blood sugar.  In a study of type II diabetics the use of cinnamon reduced the mean fasting serum glucose (18-29%), triglyceride (23-30%), LDL cholesterol (7-27%) and total cholesterol (12-26%) levels; no significant changes were noted in the placebo groups.  Changes in HDL cholesterol were not significant.   

The chromium in this product is glucose tolerance factor (GTF) yeast, which contains preformed GTF. GTF is a coordination complex between chromium, nicotinic acid and the amino acids glycine, glutamate, cysteine and glutathione.  GTF potentiates the effects of insulin.  It improves the uptake of glucose into the cells  and lowers blood sugar.  Some individuals can utilize dietary chromium and use the basic components to synthesize GTF in their own bodies.  Others have to consume it preformed.  The GTF form ensures maximum effectiveness.  

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that might be necessary. These nutrients are especially critical for diabetics who are at particular risk of free radical damage.


Calcium and Magnesium should be considered because they are most often missing or under-supplied in the diet.

Vitamin D is often deficient.  This is particularly true in Northern climates and in people who get little or no sun - or use sunscreen to excess. Vitamins D3 + K should be used because of Vitamin K’s importance in bone health. If anticoagulants are being taken consider Vitamin D3 5000 or talk with a health care provider.

Pay special attention to problems with digestion. Enzymes Plus is a two-stage product that provides acid, ox bile and enzymes. Enzymes Plus with meals will aid with protein digestion, and digestion in general. Ginger increases the motility and gastric emptying, thus reducing esophageal reflux.

Diabetics are subject to increased risk of infections. These infections are often severe and life threatening. Ultra-Monolaurin is useful because of its anti bacterial and anti viral properties. Monolaurin controls pathogenic bacteria without compromising the normal flora in the gastro intestinal tract.  It has been used to control candida, herpes and other viruses.  If there has been a course of anti biotics Ultra 4x6 Probiotics is necessary in order to restore normal flora in the GI tract.

Problems  may occur after a course of antibiotics.  In that case support your GI tract with Ultra 5x3 Probiotic.

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